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Best Plastic Cutting Board (For Meat) Blümwares vs. Vettore vs. OXO

Cutting boards come in many different materials, each with their own pros and cons. Today, we’ll be looking at the three best plastic cutting boards. Plastic has several benefits that home cooks will love. Aside from being more affordable than other materials, it’s also very easy to clean and disinfect. Not only that, but they are dishwasher safe. These are the best plastic cutting boards on the market, and you’re sure to love them.

Blümwares 3-Piece Dishwasher-Safe Plastic Cutting Board Set

plastic cutting boardWhether you’re looking to cut something small like a carrot, a good cut of beef or dissect a whole chicken, this plastic cutting board set will give you exactly what you need. You get three different cutting boards in varying sizes. The small is 10-by-6 inches, the medium is 13-by-8 inches and the large is 16-by-10 inches. This ensures that you can cut just about anything with the perfectly sized cutting board.

Along the edges there are deep grooves meant to collect any liquid or juices before they flow over the sides. This will keep blood and other liquids from dirtying your countertop or floor. There are also soft plastic handles to make the boards easy to carry around or hang, and the non-slip bottom will keep it still as you cut.

The plastic is BPA free and safe for dishwasher use. This ensures you don’t get any nasty chemicals in your food, and the dishwasher can disinfect the board better than you can by hand. It’s also easier to just throw it in the machine. The plastic was made to be anti-microbial and resistant to cuts, meaning that it’ll last for years and should prevent cross-contamination from one food to another.

Made to the expectations of seasoned chefs, this is one of the greatest cutting boards, regardless of your needs. Not only that, but getting three great boards at once means that you can easily pick the right one for your needs, rather than take out one large board if you’re just cutting something small.

Vettore Large Non-Slip Poly Cutting Board With Juice Groove

cutting board for meatThis large plastic cutting board is perfect for fitting on your counter and helping you cut large pieces of meat or enough vegetables for a salad. Measuring close to 16-by-12 inches, you’ll have plenty of room for all your cutting needs. Made from a sturdy polyethylene plastic, it’s engineered to both resist deep cuts and to keep the board from dulling your knife. This ensures that you can keep your knives nice and sharp without worrying about destroying the board through regular usage.

There is a soft, textured handle at the end, making it easy to carry and transfer. Along the bottom are non-slip rubber feet that will keep the board in place as you cut, ensuring that it doesn’t slip and move around. Around the edge is a deep juice groove, made to keep juices from spilling on you or the floor. If you’re looking to preserve the board, you can easily use both sides for cutting. However, be aware that the juice groove is only on one side.

When it comes to quality, you can rest assured knowing that the plastic used here is non-porous and FDA approved. The plastic is resistant to stains and incredibly easy to clean once you’re finished. There are four colors to choose from: green, red, black and gray. The board is on the thinner side, which might seem like a problem, but it isn’t. All this does is make the cutting board easier to store, it has no bearing on the durability, which is very good.

If you’re looking for a durable plastic cutting board that resists cuts and stains, has a juice groove and stays in place while cutting, then this is the perfect match. Being dishwasher safe means that you can sanitize it without ever using a sponge.

OXO Good Grips Cutting and Carving Board

cuttingboardAre you looking to do some serious cutting? Do you need a large plastic cutting board that can fit all the food you’d ever want to cut and still have room for more? This massive board clocks in at 15-by-21 inches, and it gives you all the big benefits you’d expect from a great cutting board.

Made from a thick piece of polypropylene, this is highly durable and very resistant to deep cuts even from heavy-handed users. Not only that, but knives actually perform very well with this material since it doesn’t dull the metal either. Both the board and knife will remain nice and durable, ensuring they work as intended.

The board is intended to be used on both sides. This allows you to cut chicken or beef on one side, then flip it over and then start cutting onions or celery. There is a juice groove on one side, and that side should be used with whatever has the most liquid. The groove isn’t quite as deep as with the other cutting boards, so be careful if you’re cutting something with excessive liquid.

Two of the sides have textured plastic that makes the board easier to handle while also preventing it from slipping out of your fingers, and it serves to keep the board in place while cutting. The plastic is dishwasher safe so that you can sterilize it when you’re finished. Not only that, but it resists both stains and odors, ensuring that it looks nice and clean no matter what you cut on it (like carrots or tomatoes).


Plastic cutting boards have a lot going for them. They are more affordable than other materials, and they also resist stains and cuts better than wood and bamboo. Not only that, but they are dishwasher safe and it’s usually easier to clean them. If you’re looking for a no fuss cutting board, then all three of these are ideal, regardless of your skill level. Just pick the best one based on your size needs or preferred features.