Comparing Keurig

Keurig K250 vs. Keurig K55 vs. Keurig K-Select (Comparing 2024 Models)

Single-serve coffee makers are huge right now and getting even more popular. Keurig is still the original and most popular of the bunch, and there are dozens of models to choose from. Today we’ll be reviewing three of their best models. It’s Keurig K55 K-Classic vs K250 vs K-Select to find out who the winner is. Each model delivers a tasty cup of coffee, but which one is the best for your needs?

Keurig K-Classic vs Keurig K-Select
                   Keurig K-Classic vs Keurig K-Select

It all depends on what features you need and how much control you like having over your morning cup (or any other time, nothing wrong with a midday or evening pick-me-up). Read on and see which of these three is the best Keurig for your kitchen or office.

Keurig K250

Keurig K250
        Keurig K250

Here’s the Keurig for those who want exacting control over their coffee. It’s a slim model, much like the K-Select, but it has many more control options and finally gets over the pesky problem of vague buttons. On top of that, it can make a huge variety of sizes. Whether you want a small cup or a huge pot, the K250 is ready for your every command.

Let’s cover the various sizes just so you understand how versatile this single-serve coffee maker is. If you’re using a regular K-Cup, then you can brew 4, 6, 8, or 10oz cups of coffee. If you have a medium-sized K-Mug pod, then you can brew a 12 or 16oz cup of coffee. This can fit a large 7.2-inch travel mug if you remove the drip tray.

Keurig K250 Brewing System
      Keurig K250 Brewing System

What about those large K-Carafe pods? That’s perfect, now you can make a personal carafe of coffee at 22, 26, or 30oz. Plus, the digital screen will show you exactly how many ounces are being made, which is a nice change.

Want a stronger, bolder cup of coffee? No problem! There are strength controls allowing you to make your cup even stronger. This is ideal for those of you who want your coffee to punch you in the face with flavor. You don’t want a thin, watery cup. Coffee’s a strong drink and you want a powerful cup that will get you going in the morning.

All the controls are found on the black and white touch screen. To the right, you’ll see a button for changing the drink size. The button-left corner has the strength control button. When you have everything right, hit the Ready button to the left and wait for the liquid to dispense. There are also several controls for specialty drinks, like hot chocolate and other drinks. In less than a minute, you should have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you.

Unlike the K-Select, which is slim but has a large water tank, the Keurig K250 has a somewhat small water tank at 40oz. It’s not terrible and it allows you to make a minimum of four cups of coffee before having to refill the removable tank.

If you want an advanced single-serve coffee maker with many controls and able to use a variety of K-Cup sizes, then this is the ideal unit for you. From strong cups of coffee to a whole carafe, this coffee maker is highly versatile and simple to use.

Pros: Allows you to make a massive variety of coffee sizes, from small cups to mugs to personal carafes. It also has strength controls and the model is fairly slim so that you can fit it anywhere.

Cons: While most people will find this coffee maker easy to use, the control panel does have a small learning curve you’ll have to get used to. The water tank is also somewhat small, so you’ll have to refill more often.

Keurig K250 coffee maker
   Keurig K250 Coffee Maker
Name Keurig K250
Price See Current Price on Amazon
Size 13.6” H x 8.9” W x 13.8” D
Weight 7.5lbs
Brew Size Cups (4, 6, 8, 10oz), Mugs (12, 16oz), Carafes (22, 26, 30oz)
Water Capacity 40oz
Brew Speed Under a minute to 2 minutes (depending on strength)
Interface Black and White Touchscreen
Features Many Brew Sizes, Strength Control, Specialty Drinks, Carafe Brewing
Colors Black, Blue, Red, Oasis, Grey, Pearl, Turquoise

Keurig K55 K-Classic

Keurig K55
     Keurig K55

If the best cup of coffee is the simplest one, then you’ll want the Keurig K55 K-Classic. There’s no bells and whistles and few features, but you can make a cup of coffee by pushing one button. Not only that, but it has that iconic Keurig design that never goes out of season.

While black is the most common Keurig color, you can also choose a nice red color called Rhubarb. It’s a deep, rich red that looks fantastic.

The only control you get is the brew size. You can select 6, 8, or 10oz brew sizes. The buttons are a little vague since they show a small, medium, and large cup, but it’s easy to figure out. While there are no strength controls, you can get the strongest cup by hitting the 6oz button (the small cup).

Keurig K55 brewing machineOn the side, you’ll notice a large 48oz water reservoir. You can make more than 6 cups without refilling. Speaking of refills, the reservoir is removable. This means you can bring it right over to the sink when you need more water.

The auto-off feature ensures the Keurig K55 K-Classic turns off after two hours. This can be programmed and it helps you save energy. Be sure to descale this coffee maker every now and then to remove calcium deposits.

Keurig K55 K-Classic
                        Keurig K55 K-Classic

For a cup in under a minute and with a simple one-button control, the K55 K-Classic is the best. It doesn’t have many features, but that’s exactly what some people like.

Pros: Large water tank lets you make 6+ cups, plus it’s removable. This is also the easiest Keurig to use. Just push a button and get coffee.

Cons: The simplicity is also its downside. There’s no strength control outside of making the smallest cup, and the buttons are vague. It would have been helpful if they said how many ounces you’re getting with each button. This Keurig is also a little wider than the others at around 10 inches.


Name Keurig K55 K-Classic
Price See Current Price on Amazon
Size 13.0″ H x 9.8″ W x 13.3″ D
Weight 10lbs
Brew Size 6, 8, or 10oz
Water Capacity 48oz
Brew Speed Under a minute
Interface Push Buttons
Features Energy Efficient, Descaling, Auto Shut Off
Colors Black, Red

Keurig K-Select

Keurig K-Select
    Keurig K-Select

The K-Select is a trim, sleek model capable of making a full cup of coffee in less than a minute. It’s basically an upgrade from the K55 K-Classic because it has all the same features plus some additional ones to make this an even more versatile coffee maker. Not only can it make larger cups of coffee, but there’s even more control over how the coffee comes out.

You’ll find buttons along the top that allow you to make a 6, 8, 10, or 12oz cup of coffee. The buttons are somewhat vague like with the K55 K-Classic because they show varying cup sizes rather than stating how many ounces you get, but it should be easy to know which is right based on your mug or cup. On top of that, the quiet brew technology drastically reduces the noise so you can enjoy a cup in silence.

Do you have one of those large 7.4-inch travel mugs? Lots of single-serve coffee makers won’t fit these, but the K-Select does. Simply remove the bottom drip tray and you’ll have plenty of room. Now just make the largest cup of coffee and full your travel mug to the brim.

Keurig K-Select Brewing System
  Keurig K-Select Brewing System

There is some control over coffee strength. While you can make the smallest cup for the strongest cup, just like the K-Classic, the K-Select also has a Strength button that makes your brew even stronger. Hit this if you really want to taste your coffee. It’s nice to have control over your morning beverage.

Despite being one of the thinner models on this list, the Keurig K-Select has the largest water tank. The removable reservoir holds a full 52oz of water. This allows you to make more cups and it’s easy to refill when the water runs out. Brew more than ever without having to get a huge, hulking coffee maker.

If you want a versatile and slim single-serve coffee maker that can accommodate travel mugs and gives you a strong cup in under a minute, then the K-Select is exactly what you’re looking for. It comes in six colors to accommodate your aesthetic, including black, white, red, blue, and more.

Pros: The large 52oz water tank is fantastic, plus it’s great to control the strength of your coffee and fit travel mugs into the unit. It’s also quite slim, allowing you to fit it on any countertop. Despite all that, it’s also simple to use. There are only a few more buttons than the K55 K-Classic, but those extra buttons make a huge difference.

Cons: The vague buttons might be annoying to some people, especially if you want to know exactly how many ounces of liquid will be made. While it does give you more control over your coffee, it’s still fairly simplistic.

Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker
              Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker
Name Keurig K-Select
Price See Current Price on Amazon
Size 12.5″ H x 9.2″ W x 11.6″ D
Weight 7,35lbs
Brew Size 6, 8, 10, or 12oz
Water Capacity 52oz
Brew Speed 1-2 minutes (strong takes longer)
Interface Push Button
Features Strength Control, Removable Drip Tray, Descaling, Auto Shut Off
Colors Black, Blue, White, Oasis, Sandstone, Red

Final Thoughts

All three Keurig models here are fantastic and work for a different user. The Keurig K250 is for those who need to have control over their coffee. You want the ability to make small cups, large travel mugs, and even larger carafes. You want to make specialty drinks and have control over the strength of your coffee. The K250 gives you lots of control and it’s highly versatile.

The Keurig K55 K-Classic is ideal for those who want a simple coffee maker. You don’t want a bunch of bells and whistles, they just get in the way of making a cup of coffee. This is perfect if you just want to hit a button and get coffee in under a minute. Despite being simple, the coffee tastes great and this coffee maker will treat you right.

The K-Select sits firmly in the middle. It’s perfect for users who still want a simple coffee maker, but they want more control over the coffee strength or they want to use a large travel mug. Plus, it has the largest water tank. That allows you to make more coffee without having to refill.

No matter which model you choose, get ready to enjoy a tasty cup of coffee in the morning, afternoon, or whenever else you need it.


Keurig FAQ

We’ll answer your biggest questions about Keurig single-serve coffee makers right here.

How to descale a Keurig?

Descaling is important to remove calcium deposits and other build up. You’ll need a mug (not a paper cup) and Keurig Descaling Solution. Empty the reservoir and then fill with the descaling solution. Fill the descaling solution bottle with water and then add that to the reservoir as well.

Place a mug under the Keurig and run 10oz cups until the reservoir is empty. Let the Keurig sit for 30 minutes and then rinse the reservoir. Fill with water and then run 12 cups to completely rinse away the solution from inside the Keurig.

Keurig Coffee Maker

How often to descale a Keurig?

It’s recommended that you do this every 3 to 6 months depending on your usage.

How to clean a keurig?

If you’re referring to cleaning inside the Keurig, then use the instructions for descaling above. If you’re thinking of the outside body, then a damp cloth should be enough to remove any dust that has accumulated on the unit.

How can I make my Keurig stronger?

This depends on the model. If you have a Strength or Strong button, then use that. This will increase the steep time of the brew so that you get a stronger cup of coffee. If not, then running the smallest cup size will give you the strongest cup.

Can I use regular coffee with my Keurig?

Yes, if you get a reusable Keurig cup. These are empty cups made from sturdy plastic and mesh that you can fill with your favorite coffee. This is often less expensive than buying K-Cups, but you’ll have to clean the cup every time it’s used.

How do I use a Keurig?

Even the most advanced Keurigs are simple to use. For most models, you’ll have to fill the water reservoir, place a mug or cup under the Keurig, put the K-Cup coffee in, and then choose how much coffee you want. Some models have push buttons while others have a touch screen. With push buttons, simply push the button and the brew will start. With touch screens, push the appropriate size option for get coffee.


Keurig Buyer’s Guide

Not sure what to look for in the perfect Keurig model? This will tell you the most important factors to consider.

Cup Size

Cup size is exceptionally important because it determines how much coffee you can make. Almost every Keurig can make 6, 8, and 10oz cups, which are also the most common. However, if you want a small 4oz or a large 12oz or bigger, then be sure to look specifically for these sizes.

Water Reservoir CapacityKeurig Buyers Guide

This determines how much coffee you can make before having to refill the unit. This list has models ranging from 40oz to 52oz of water. Some have more while others have less. Check this, especially if more than one person is using the Keurig. If many people use the Keurig, then you may have to refill the reservoir several times a day.

Strength Control

If you want a bold cup of coffee, then strength control is essential. This makes the coffee steep for another few seconds. The cup will take a little longer to make, but it will be better suited to your taste buds. Some units have strength control while others don’t.


All Keurigs are easy to use, but some are easier to use than others. If you want simplicity, then the K55 K-Classic or K-Select are best because they have push buttons. Just push the button and the coffee maker starts working. Others have a touch screen. Most people find this easy, but it takes a tiny bit more effort than the push buttons.

Model Size

Some people have large spaces to dedicate to their Keurigs while others have a tiny space but still want a good cup of coffee. If space is at a premium, then you’ll want a slimmer model that can fit in small spaces. This doesn’t limit your options. Both the K-Select and K250 are slim units with lots of features. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, so consider your countertop size first and then look for the extra features you want.