Keurig K250 vs. Keurig K55 vs. Keurig K-Select (Comparing 2019 Models)

Keurig is one of the biggest names in the single-serve coffee world. Their popularity has spurned them to create a number of products. While they all seem very similar, there are small differences between each of them that may either be perfect for your situation, or they might just miss the mark. Today we’re going to compareĀ Keurig K250 vs. K55 vs. K-Select to see which one is best for your specific needs. You’ll find each has varying levels of control, water intake and features.

Keurig K250

Keurig K250 vs K55Starting off our list is the K250, one of the sleekest K-Cup makers available. While it might look small, you’ll love the level of control you get with this unit. There is an easy-to-use touch screen where you can input commands and select your size. With just a few presses of the button you’ll have your Keurig up and going, making your morning (or midday) coffee.

You can choose from various different cup sizes. For regular cups, you can choose between 4, 6, 8 and 10 ounces. If you have the carafe pods, then you can also choose 22, 26 or 30 ounces. Carafe pods are sold separately. There is also a strength control option so that you can make your cup either weaker or stronger.

The water tank is 40 ounces, which allows you to make at least 4 cups of coffee at the highest setting. As always, the water tank is easy to remove and refill as needed. It also comes in many colors, including light blue, black, red, white and more.

Pros: The Keurig K250 has more control and size options that any other Keurig on this list, making it best for those who like more control over their coffee. From changing the strength to getting exactly as much liquid as you want, this give you control over your hot drink.

Cons: The water tank is unfortunately the smallest on this list, so you’ll have to fill it more frequently. This may be a problem for frequent coffee drinkers or if many people will use the Keurig.

Keurig K55

If you’re looking for something nice and simple, where you just have to push a single button to get your coffee started, then the K55 does just that. This classic model doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but it gets the job done and without any fuss.

The Keurig K55 comes with three different size options: 6, 8 and 10 ounces. If you’re looking for the strongest coffee, then choose the 6 ounce option. Outside of that, there are no strength controls. Brewing is nice and quick, like all other Keurigs. You can expect hot water to spew out in under a minute, making this much faster than a regular coffee maker.

To save power, the K55 will automatically turn off after two hours (or less, this can be programmed). While it will take a little while for the K55 to wake back up, you’ll hardly notice. This unit can be purchased in either black, red or white.

The water tank is fairly large, clocking in at 48 ounces. This allows you to make an average of 5 cups before having to refill.

Pros: The K55 is incredibly simple to use. Just place the mug, insert the K-Cup and push a button. The large water tank also ensures that you don’t have to refill too often.

Cons: You have less control over strength and cup size than with the other units on this list. Also, the buttons have a graphic of different cup sizes, but it doesn’t tell you exactly how much you’re getting. This might confuse those who are new to Keurigs. This unit is also slightly wider than others, measuring about 10 inches.

Keurig K-Select

The K-Select is similar to the K250 in many regards, but it prioritizes certain aspects more than others. This unit is just as thin as the K250, clocking in around 9 inches, and it also comes in a few different colors. You can choose from black, blue or red.

There are a few different size options here. You can select from 6, 8, 10 or 12 ounces, giving you a good amount of control over how much coffee you get. There is also some strength control with the “Strong” button. Just push this button to give your drink a little bit of kick, regardless of the size.

Where the K-Select really shines is its water tank. The biggest on this list, this carries up to 52 ounces at once, allowing you to make about 6 cups before having to refill. You can expect your cup to be ready in less than a minute, and you just have to push a single button to get it started.

Pros: The K-Select is thin and gives you a fair amount of control over your coffee, both in terms of size and strength. The large water tank is ideal if you drink multiple cups or if several people will use the Keurig.

Cons: While it has more control, it still doesn’t compare to the K250. Also, like the K55, the buttons just show cup sizes, but no numerical values telling you how much liquid you’re getting.


Each of these Keurigs have different strengths and weaknesses, so determining which is best largely depends on your preferences. If you want to control every little aspect of your coffee while also having a massive number of brewing sizes, then the K250 is definitely the best.

If many people will use the Keurig and you still want a good amount of control over the coffee, or if you just hate refilling the unit, then the K-Select edges out as the clear winner. With its huge water tank and good number of features, it will make a great addition to your life.

However, if you just want something nice and simple, then the K55 is a great unit. It’s in the middle in terms of size and control, but it’s the easiest to use and its water tank is a good size.